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Vision to Grow Better

Uniqmed offers services for each step of your journey - promotion, marketing, distribution, registration – of providing your products to Baltic and CIS countries.

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About Us

Working with principals, we shape our services around their requirements and we deliver best in class product, services and tailored solutions that make us a dependable, long-term partner for your business.

With comprehensive geographical coverage we provide the smooth, safe and efficient onward delivery of products to Baltic and CIS countries. Thus, aligning with our unity of purpose: to improve care and improve lives.

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Our mission

Our mission

Dedicated to bring healthcare closer to local communities so that we can help people lead healthier lives.

Our vision

Our vision

All people in the world should have access to basic health care - we aim to be the partner of choice for distribution, logistics and added-value solutions.

Our values

Our values

Compassion, personal health, equity and equality – we want to inspire a healthier and happier world.

Our Services

  1. Analytics

    Uniqmeds’ data and analytics services include the providing business intelligence solutions, including consultation services, to enable operational and financial analysis.

  2. Registration/ Pharmacovigilance

    Uniqmed regulatory affairs team prepares documents required to support the applications at all product lifecycle stages. Uniqmed helps MA Holders to establish local PV systems. In compliance with applicable regulations and standards, we also ensure that the efficacy, safety and quality of your medicinal product is demonstrated properly.

  3. Sales and Marketing

    Uniqmed assists your business with creating, implementing, and sustaining marketing strategies. If your business needs help creating an effective marketing plan, you may benefit from working with Uniqmed.

  4. Tender

    As Uniqmed is one of the regular tender participants, receiving an invitation we participate with great offer to both our partners and customers. With many years’ experience and fully understanding of local pharmaceutical market we can forecast the probability of winning and the approximate outcomes of tender procedure.

  5. Distribution and Logistics

    At Uniqmed we offer a swift and efficient service for supplying and sourcing medicines and pharmaceutical supplies not normally available through regular pharmaceutical distribution channels.

How Can Our Service Help You?

At Uniqmed, we are committed to the ongoing investment in our facilities and innovation in services to ensure we provide medicines in a safe and accessible manner.

Our relentless focus on operational excellence and efficiency aids our provision of best in class support and service for our customers.

We continue to invest for the future and it is our breadth of Pharmaceutical products and services, accurate and timely delivery, flexibility and reliability that are just a few of the reasons customers, suppliers and manufacturers partner with us for their pharmaceutical distribution needs.

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If you have some general questions or if you would like to submit your RFI/RFP, you can contact us